Setup a new server with Docker

After my previous posts, I wanted to setup a new server, using my new docker-compose setup and do it right this time. SSH Keys One of the security features I want to use, is to only allow login using SSH keys. Therefore I’m going to start generating some keys and then upload them to the server. ssh-keygen -t rsa This will ask you where to save the keys. I use the default location of ~/.


Setup Cypht is one of the newer containers I’m running and I love it. I am tired of running multiple mail clients everywhere (Thunderbird at work, Outlook on Windows, Mail on Mac and so on). With Cypht I can log in to my to one webmail and see all my IMAP/POP mail accounts one place. It is not too difficuelt to setup but one thing to keep in mind is to always save changes you make in the webinterface.


Setup Wallabag is a very useful bookmark app, where I stop all my bookmarks. It has a simple iOS app (with extension) and a Firefox plugin. Wallabag uses sqlite to store its database, which makes it even easier to work with in docker. version: "3" services: wallabag: container_name: wallabag image: wallabag/wallabag volumes: - ${PWD}/data:/var/www/wallabag/data - ${PWD}/images:/var/www/wallabag/web/assets/images environment: - SYMFONY__ENV__FOSUSER_REGISTRATION=false - SYMFONY__ENV__DOMAIN_NAME=https://wallabag.domain.com - SYMFONY__ENV__FOSUSER_CONFIRMATION=false labels: - "traefik.enable=true" - "traefik.frontend.rule=Host:wallabag.domain.com" networks: default: external: name: webproxy Since I just want this for myself, I disable user registration and I also don’t need user confirmation.


Setup Bookstack is one of the best selfhosted ‘wiki’ sites and it is dead easy to setup. Bookstack uses a mysql container to store the data and a webcontainer to have the site on. I like to keep my sql containers seperate and se we change the default port from 3306 to 3311. This is just random, but i normally start my sql containers at 3310 and then work my way up.

Firefly III

Setup I’ve been a big fan of Firefly III for some time now. I was a pain to setup the first time, so here is my ’easy’ way to set it up. My docker compose file is about the same as the previous ones. version: "3" services: firefly_iii_app: container_name: firefly_iii_app image: jc5x/firefly-iii:latest environment: - FF_DB_HOST=firefly_iii_db:3306 - FF_DB_NAME=firefly_db - FF_DB_USER=firefly_db - FF_DB_PASSWORD=<dbpassword> - FF_APP_KEY=<32char key> - FF_APP_ENV=local - APP_URL=https://firefly.domain.com - TRUSTED_PROXIES=** - MAIL_DRIVER=smtp - MAIL_HOST=<email server> - MAIL_PORT=587 - MAIL_FROM=firefly@domain.


Setup From my previous post, I am using a docker folder structure like /home/<username>/Docker/<container> to store my data and docker-compose files. So first make the Portainer folder cd ~/Docker mkdir portainer && cd portainer vi docker-compose.yml Next we take the basic template from before and setup our Portainer container. version: "3" services: portainer: container_name: portainer image: portainer/portainer command: -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock ports: - 9000:9000 volumes: - ${PWD}/data:/data labels: - "traefik.enable=true" - "traefik.